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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to Remove an Old Red Wine Stain from a Cloth

If you are living in a cold country with a lot of rain a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa is a good support during the day. It gets you energetic and can make the work day bearable. Well what about when the work day ends. After work people usually look for more soothing drinks with alcohol. Some people go to bars, others enjoy a quite dinner.

If you are a the second type you know that one of the best drinks for the cold weather that goes well with your dinner is wine. In the cold countries people usually prefer red wine because when people drink red wine it usually leaves the feeling that you get hotter. It is normal to have a couple of glasses, as every drink there is a high chance that you can spill some on yourself and on the ground. If there is no carpet on the ground without the help of any cleaners SW19 you can easily remove the stain especially if there are tiles on the floor.

Removing the red wine from the clothes is a different thing especially if it has dried up You have to follow certain steps and use certain cleaners SW19  to successfully remove the wine from the clothes.
1. Take dry towel and put it in the middle of the shirt to keep the stain from spreading on the both sides.
2. Prepare a special cleaning solutions that includes two types of cleaners: dish detergent and hydrogen peroxide.
3. Make sure that you leave the solution to set a little time before starting to clean.
4. It is important that you blot the stain never scrub it.
5. When you finish cleaning just wash the cloth under tap. Use only cold water.
6. Dry of the stain and see if there are any marks left from the stain. Never use a dryer to dry it off if there is some leftovers from the stain you may lose your cloth forever.


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