Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cleaning At Home, Cleaning The Washing Machine Challenge Or Not

Home cleaning could have different variations. From basic sweeping with the broom to a really deep clean-up. Cleaning and taking care of the appliances is important in order to prolong their lives. One such is the washing machine- the machine that usually cleans for you. But you know what they say, in order to receive you have to give.

Cleaning the exterior of the washing machine is the easy part. The most common spots you may come across here are spots left from bleach, laundry detergent, various softeners. As you probably are aware of they are made to respond to warm water, so this is the secret to their removal. The inside of the washing machine is different matter. You can use solution of mild warm water and mild washing-up liquid. Soak a soft cloth in it and wipe the inside off. Mould around the frame of the door could be treated with an old toothbrush. The “drawer” where the laundry detergents are put, could be removed and cleaned up under running water. If there are a lot of build-up, soak it in cleaning solution and warm water. To get rid of any unpleasant, musty odours, run the washing machine without any clothes in it. Set the temperature on high and while the machine is filing up with water, pour in about 200 ml bleach.

All the mentioned above wouldn't take you more than half an hour. Thus you will keep your washing machine clean and nice all the time.

Cleaning at home is not one of the nicest things to do in your spare time, but you have to find the will to do it every once in a while. Services that offer professional way of cleaning are also an option. When it comes to spring cleaning, house keeping, carpet cleaning is one of the areas, where all that could be found and outsourced.


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