Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Removing Black Spots from Mirrors

Mirrors at home could be real trouble sometimes. Among the rest of the stuff you need to clean, in order to maintain clean level sufficient enough for regular household. One of the most common problems with mirrors, are the so called black spots. They could be caused by the cleaning product, if it has gotten behind the glass near the edge. Basically, it means that the back of the mirror is damaged. If you notice spots in the middle of the mirror, then that most likely is moisture. In those cases the damages are irreparable, but what you can do is to try cleaning them and preserve the mirror for longer and of course mask the spots as much, as possible.

One of the ways, to deal with the darkened areas around the edges, is by picking another frame that covers the spots. Here you can use your imagination and find different options. Another option is to cut those areas. But that means, that you will need smaller frame as well. Maybe you should consider the opportunity of getting a new mirror.

A proper care of the mirrors at your home is needed, fortunately this is something you could easily do. You need a glass cleaner, a paper towel and a spray bottle the rest, well, the rest is a little bit rubbing and that is not more than 5 minutes work.

Many people prefer to get the easy things, such as the mirrors, done by themselves and the hard work executed by professionals. They can offer one really easy way to maintain clean and tidy home.


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