Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Couple Of Good Home Made Cleaning Recipes

Clean home means healthy environment. That should be the motto, when you start the weekly home cleaning. By constantly taking care of your home you will be able to achieve that goal without a problem.

There are many actions that could be undertaken and many cleaning methods you could decide to go by. This is a rich area, really. Cleaning on a regular base or more rarely, it depends on how quick different stuff and areas get dirty. How much time you spend at home or in certain room. Are you going to clean with the help of commercial, expensive cleaning compounds or with less sophisticated, but efficient home made cleaning solutions. Are you going to delegate the cleaning of your home to someone else like a professional cleaning company, or you will take care of everything all by yourself.

Maybe before you make all those decisions you could learn more about the effect of some home made remedies. For example are you familiar with the power of basic organic products like bicarbonate of soda, borax, white vinegar and couple of other stuff. For example, a mixture made of borax, baking soda and ivory soap makes really good laundry soap. Baking soda and borax make also a good dishwasher soap. With a white vinegar added to that your glasses will shine like they were treated with commercial cleaner. For a good furniture polisher you can make a mixture from olive oil and lemon juice. Few drops of that on a soft cloth will make the wooden furniture shine like it's brand new.

Home cleaning could be really easy as long as you have the will of doing it regularly. Busy people are more often to postpone such activities. But there is an option for them as well, it's called professional cleaning services. Services intended especially to help you at home, staring from house keeping, end of lease cleaning, oven cleaning, carpet cleaning could be of some help in such case.


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