Monday, April 18, 2011

Household Cleaning Getting Rid Of The Stains

The house cleaning is one of the things that people usually hate or hardly find time doing it. No matter how long you postpone the cleaning, there comes the time when you have to roll up the sleeves and just do it.

There are many things you have to take care of, when the time of cleaning occurs. But if you spend little time cleaning every day, different areas, you will be able to manage a clean home all the time. Stains are something that makes every surface
look disgusting. Stains could show up everywhere. On your kitchen counter, on top of the oven, in the bathroom, on your clothes, the walls. The techniques used to remove stains are different. It depends on what cleaners are you using. Greasy wax marks and stains could be treated with mineral oil. Simply smear the spot with it and rub carefully with a soft rag. Ink stains from your shirt or upholstery could be removed with the help of cinnamon or mixture of olive oil and clove bud essential oil. Sticky residues could be removed with vinegar. Treat the sticky area with cloth soaked in vinegar and leave it for a while. After that wipe it down with wet cloth. Did you know that bread could be used to remove marks on wallpapers? Roll it up and rub with circular moves. Good remedy, that helps removing water marls from wooden surfaces is a paste from salt and olive oil. Smear the paste and wipe it off. Don't press too hard though.

Stains, dust, mildew those are just some of the things you may come across, when cleaning at home. How you are going to proceed is entirely up to you. But this is something easy, basically the easiest part of the home cleaning. For more tough areas you may need professional help.


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