Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why should landlords use professional end of tenancy cleaning services?

One good opportunity to increase your capital is to lease a property. This is an effective way to generate extra income. But in order to attract new renters, you need to keep your property clean and tidy, so as a landlord, consider the opportunity to hire end of tenancy cleaning company.
People will not rent a property, if it is not kept in a good condition. Also the value of the property can be decreased because of this. For property owner, this will mean a loss of income. Hiring end of tenancy cleaning company is the best option which will ensure that the job will be done in a stress free and cost effective way. Not only this but finding new tenants will be much easier and quicker after performing end of tenancy cleaning.
For new tenants, it will be more comfortable to know that they will be living in a clean house that has safe environment for them as well as knowing that they don't have to move in and start cleaning after the former tenants.
As a landlord, it is recommended to inspect your property before letting your tenants to leave it. If there is anything broken or missing then require compensation from the tenants. It is a good practise to expect from your tenants to perform end of tenancy cleaning before they left in order to return their rent deposit back.
No matter if you are a tenant or a landlord, performing end of tenancy cleaning ensure that the tenant will receive his rent deposit back at the end of tenancy, and the landlord will have the property cleaned up and ready for viewing by potential new renters.


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