Thursday, May 5, 2011

Carpet vs Hard Flooring

Nowadays the trend seems to be towards the hard floors. They gain popularity year after year, people simply must have it. But hard flooring is not only hard but also cold. You will say that you can cover your house with rugs but then what is the point of having nice marble or wood installed, if you are going to hide it. And let's do not forget that carpet cleaning is harder than hard floor cleaning. 

However, carpets have their benefits. They both keep your home warm and absorb noise at the same time. Carpets are like giant air filters which can be cleaned by vacuum cleaner. They also trap the dirt and the dust and this way they increase the air quality in the room. In contrast to hard flooring, which hard surface cannot absorb the dust and it will be swept into the air when you walk through the area. 

One of the disadvantages of the hard floor is that it is much more expensive than carpet. We cannot deny that marble or tile floor is absolutely stunning but walking on barefoot in the middle of the winter is not a nice experience, especially during the night. And after all you will need to buy a warm and soft cover to this beautiful floor. Especially when you have children. And in the end you will be asking yourself why you did not simply purchase the carpet in the beginning. 

You should not forget that when having a carpet you need to steam clean it at least once a year. You can hire a professional carpet cleaning London company to come in your home and do the entire job for you. This will save a lot of efforts and also will extend the life of your carpet.


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