Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

Vacuuming is one of the most important tasks when talking about carpet cleaning. But it is not always as effective as we want. When dealing with heavily soiled carpets you need to shampoo them, rather than spot-cleaning. Steam cleaning machines use hot water under pressure and detergent solution while cleaning the carpet or rug. Here are several tips to follow to get your carpet looking fresh and new.

You may rent or buy a steamer from the grocery store or you can find it at the rental store.

Before starting the cleaning process, you need to vacuum the floor thoroughly.

For high-traffic areas you may use a prespray. For really dirty spots you should increase the amount of the pre-spray, do not use a bigger amount of the carpet shampoo. You may use special solutions to treat odors and pet stains.

Do not forget to fill the machine's reservoir with hot water.

Use the wet-cleaner to remove as much water and solution as possible. Use your hand to test the carpet, if you notice water drops, extract again. If the carpet is dry, that means that you have extracted correctly.

Wait at least twelve hours before walking on the carpet again. To dry thoroughly the area use fans, air conditioner or even open windows will help.

To make your cleaning last longer, steam the place with a combination of water and vinegar. Do not wet the carpet too much, otherwise you may damage it.

Nowadays, you can hire a professional carpet cleaning London company to clean your carpets for you. They will renew and refresh them, using high-technology machines and effective cleaning solutions.


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