Wednesday, June 1, 2011

10 Steps to Clean the Carpet Yourself

There is a time that you cannot put off the cleaning of your carpet any more. Till that moment you may have always found a reason not to do it but one accidental spill can change the whole situation. That spill makes you to grab a rag into hands and start cleaning the carpet.
There are a few things that you can do to make your own carpet cleaning more efficient without the help of Parsons Green cleaners.

1. Provide as much surface area as possible to make the access to the carpet easier for you. By removing the furniture from the room, you can clean the carpet thoroughly without the worry of protecting the furniture from wet.
2. Deep cleaning would be more effective, if you first vacuum the dirt and debris from the carpet surface
3. Make sure you have access to hot water as some carpet cleaning equipment requires it.
4. Get the right equipment depending on the nature of job. For thorough cleaning, consider renting a professional cleaning machine.
5. It is a good idea to treat the stains and high traffic areas with a stain cleaner before applying the overall cleaner you will be using for entire carpet.
6. Avoid using too much water as it can cause shrinkage if it is not thoroughly extracted.
7. Before using a particular cleaning product, make sure that it is suitable for your carpet by reading the manufacturer's instruction.
8. If your carpet is treated with stain resistance product, make sure that your cleaning solution will not have a negative effect on it.
9. If your carpet is not stain resistant, then consider applying a stain resistance product after your carpet have been thoroughly cleaned.
10. Ensure that you carpet is fully dried before walking on it.

Carpet cleaning is not so hard if you follow these steps, however, for some stubborn stains you may need the help of carpet cleaning Parsons Green services.


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