Monday, June 6, 2011

How Effectively to Clean Baby Toys

As parents we all need to know how to clean our children's toys and how to carpet cleaning. We need to clean baby toys regularly. After all, toddlers and babies put everything in their mouths, that is why we need to ensure that all toys are clean and safe for our children. Do not panic, but just imagine the dirt, the dust and the bacteria that your baby is ingesting. Here are some useful information about how to clean baby toys.

- The first thing you need to do is to fill the sink with hot water.

- The next step is to take your favourite natural, toxic-free mild soap and rub the toys with it. 

- If you really worry about what is on your toddler's toys you may pour a tiny bit of bleach in the water. This method is used for years, so do not be sceptic, it is effective and green. 

- Once they are washed, rinse them very well. After that you need to dry them thoroughly with a clean white damp cloth or paper towel and lay them out to end the drying process.

- For extra cleanliness, you can wipe the toys with natural surface cleaner or disinfect them with special cleaning toxic-free solution. 

- Remember that when you are washing wooden toys you need to wash and dry them as quick as possible, otherwise the water can cause them to swell and grain may rise to their surface. 

When having difficulties or questions you can always call London cleaners and ask for help or advice.


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