Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to Clean Stuffed Toys Toxic-free

You cannot avoid having stuffed toys in your house, especially when you have children. No matter how cute the toys are, they are the next thing to deal with after the carpet cleaning. These two things in your house absorb most of the dust, that is why it is vital to clean them thoroughly and regularly.

Most of you do not know how to clean these stuffed animals. The following information will be very useful for those who want to use toxic-free and environmentally friendly methods of cleaning.

The first thing you need to do is to gather together all dirty and soiled stuffed animals and put them in a plastic bag. Do not forget to leave some room for the toys to move around in the bag. The next step is to sprinkle them with enough quantity of backing soda. It is a good idea to scrub the soda into the fabric, use finger to do this. After that you need to close the bag completely and then shake it well to distribute the backing soda all over the toys. This way you will reduce dirt, dust and unpleasant odors from the toys. Let them sit in the bag overnight. In morning take the toys out of the bag and place them on a clean towel. Vacuum them, using the hose attachment of the vacuum cleaner to clean as much of the powder as possible.

You can also call London cleaners and ask for help or advice, when you do not know what to do. After all the children's health is the most important thing for us and we need to keep the environment where they are playing, clean and fresh.


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