Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to Make Green Cleanering Products

Willing to clean the entire house, we usually use a lot of chemical-based cleaning solutions, which can be very harmful for us, our family and pets. Now you can make a home-made solutions with ingredients that you have in your kitchen, and clean the house even more effectively than with the commercial toxic products that you can buy from the store. Here are some common non-toxic ingredients that you can use to clean and refresh your home. 

Basking soda

You can use backing soda to remove stains and odors when carpet cleaning. You just need to sprinkle the backing soda over the carpet and then scrub in into the carpet with a brush. You can use it even when dealing with hard surface, because the soda does not scratch it. In the end just vacuum thoroughly the are.


You can use this type of solvent to clean dirt, lime or hard water stains. You can use it full-strength or you can combine it with warm water. 

To make all-purpose toxic-free cleaner you need to mix one teaspoon backing soda, one teaspoon borax, one teaspoon fresh lemon juice, two teaspoons white vinegar, ½ dish washing liquid soap and two cups of hot water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and use it for almost all types of stains. 

Now you can easily polish wood floor and furniture, all you need is to combine one part vegetable oil and vinegar. First, rub the solvent directly to the floor, then buff with a clean damp cloth. 

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