Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Clean the Carpets Before Leaving Your Tenancy

When you are living your old tenancy there are several things which should be performed before finally returning the keys to the landlord.

First – make sure that all of your things had been removed and there is nothing expensive or important to you forgotten in the drawers.

Second- Get rid of all the garbage left behind you.

Third- Clean the whole house. This includes things like carpet cleaning, windows cleaning and odours removing. More of these cleaning procedures are nothing special like the windows cleaning and the odours removing but when we talk about cleaning the rugs there are some tips which is good to be known, if a positive final result is what you are looking for.

Vacuum clean well, before any other actions. Make sure to remove all big pieces of dirt and soil which are on the rug.

Prepare a cleaning solution out of plain water and dish washing detergent and apply it on the high traffic areas. Give enough time for the solution to do its magic and then swill well.
When you are completely sure that there are no spots on the carpet take it outside to dry. However, this is not always possible so you can use some heaters or you can just open all the windows and doors in the house in order to speed up the drying process.

Only when all the cleaning is done you can be sure that you will get your deposit back. Unfortunately, some landlords won't be satisfied with the results that you have achieved so you may need to hire a carpet cleaning London company to repeat the procedure.


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