Monday, July 18, 2011

How to Clean with Borax

Dealing with different chores at home could be real challenge. Of course, that is no problem if you have a little bit know-how. For instance, there are many things you could easily clean with cheap and organic products, only. Some other areas might
benefit from one good thorough cleaning done by professional cleaners Melbourne city offers to its inhabitants.

A few words about that organic product called borax. A mineral compound, known also as sodium borate. It has wide variety of uses: it's a component of many cosmetics and detergents. Now let's see what could be cleaned with borax.

  • The toilet bowl can benefit from it's power. You just have to pour 1 cup of borax into the bowl before you go to bed. In the morning, you just have to give it a quick rub with the brush and rinse afterwards.
  • Borax is also a good flea killer. Sprinkle the bed of your dog with borax. Borax releases boric acid, in other words poison, but don't worry in small quantities it can't harm you or your pet.
  • Borax is a great remedy against mould. Make thick paste from borax and water, smear it over the area and leave like that overnight.
  • If you have problems with mouses at home, you can sprinkle borax on the floor, along the wall. Mice run usually in that area and they don't like borax on their feet so that could be used as a remedy.
  • To make one good all-purpose cleaner you can mix 2 teaspoons borax and 2 cups of hot water in a spray bottle.

The best thing about using borax is that is cheap and easy to find and it has so many uses that it will leave you amazed. And that exactly, is what every home cleaning could benefit from. Don't you think?


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