Tuesday, August 23, 2011

4 Secrets of Perfectly Clean Windows

You may think that it's impossible to have perfectly clean windows without using professional windows cleaning services. You aren't the only one that believes that they can't deal with windows cleaning, but I'll relieve you 4 secrets that will help you clean your windows like a pro.

Secret 1: Clean your windows on cloudy days for a dazzling shine. Direct sunlight dries out the windows cleaning solution too quickly, causing streaks.

Secret 2: The best way to clean like a pro is to watch how professional windows cleaning London employees do the job. They use only clean water and a squeegee. So if you want to have perfectly clean windows, you need to purchase high-quality squeegee. It may cost you more money, but you'll be able to use it longer. Just draw the squeegee across the glass and wipe off dirty water between the strokes with a cloth.

Secret 3: Wipe, wipe and there are streaks on the glass again. How to deal with them? Start with the inside panes, wipe them in a side-to-side direction. Then continue with the outside panes, but wipe them in an up-to-down direction. Thus way, you'll easily see which side has streaks and need more cleaning.

Secret 4: One of the main reasons people consider hiring house cleaning services to clean their windows is that their windows are too high and they need to use a ladder. Undoubtedly, it's risky for people who have no experience cleaning windows on a ladder. This trick will save you much time, efforts and money. Firstly, shut the windows tight and use a garden hose to clean them. Spray them gently and make sure that you mist the panes. Remember that too much pressure could crack a pane or force the water into your home.

I hope that these 4 secrets will help you perfectly clean your windows with minimum efforts.


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