Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Mimicry of Oil Stains

Have you ever happened to think that an oil stain is something else? Have you ever happened to regret for not finding the origin of a stain? I bet that you have.

Oil stains have the property to look like water stains. And as we all know they are quite different. Water stains disappear as soon as they dry and oil stains become more stubborn when dry. The thing is, though, that people very often take oil spots for water ones. And that is where all the trouble comes from – the mimicry of oil stains.

If oil stains were like blackberry or apricot stains, with a specific colour or smell, it would be clear what you are dealing with. But as they are look-alikes with water discolorations, their origin should be found as soon as they are spotted. Think what would you do, if you see a colourless spot on your carpet or sofa? Would you leave it to dry, or blot it immediately and try to find its origin?

Professional house cleaning companies recommend to treat a stain as soon as it appears. No matter of its origin, you should never leave it to dry. And if you think that you won't be able to remove it, do not try anything risky. It is better to call a professional cleaner and let him do the work for you, than to ruin your carpet or sofa. Employees of house cleaning companies know how to treat every stain, no matter of its origin and age.

Mimicry does not help oil stains in the battle against professional cleaners.


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