Monday, October 22, 2012

Five Interesting Laminate Floor Designs

1. Diagonal plank placement - it is ideal for big rooms which have very few furnishings as the floor can become the focal decorative point of the room.
This unorthodox laying method can be seen in large event halls and museum exhibition rooms.

2. Inset designs - inset designs are ideal if your want to define a certain area of the room. For the inset designs to stand out the laminate planks should be placed in opposite directions. This approach is often used as a method to define the seating areas in the various rooms of a property. For example inset designs are commonly used in hotel foyers.

3. Mixed finishes - a great thing about laminate flooring planks is that the different types of flooring can be combined in order to create a one of a kind floor. For example a popular mixed finish is the combination of light and dark coloured planks. Another popular combination is the mixing of plank placements which means that some planks will be laid diagonally, others vertically and others horizontally.

4. Border Treatments - making a floor border is easy. Just lay the plank in the opposite direction of the planks that cover the central area of the floor. Many designers consider the border finish as a unique way to create a charming ambience while highlighting the floor.

5. Mixed floors - mixed floors are created when several types of flooring materials are combined together. For example you can place laminate plank in a room and leave a hole in center of the room were a carpet or ceramic tiles will be placed. This type of flooring allows to the owner of the house to showcase his fantasy and imagination.

There are many building companies that can do wonders with your floors. To find such a company read the laminate flooring installation section in the yellow pages. Another option is to type laminate flooring London on your computer’s internet browser. 


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