Friday, May 10, 2013

How to Remove Rubber Marks from Wood

Cleaning at home and dealing with various issues could be really exhausting. Aside from that for some tasks you might need some sophisticated cleaning tools that you might not have. The point is that there are some things in every home, that it's better if we simply delegate to professionals.
And a lot of people today realise that and they take advantage of the cool services provided by leading cleaning companies in their areas. The professional cleaners in St Kilda East for instance could help you with the steam cleaning of the upholstery or with the oven.

One particular issue, that might seem like something difficult to deal with but it's not, is rubber marks on wooden surface. Now how they got there is not that important, once there are there you have to do everything possible to get them off. For this task you will need  the following: a couple of soft cloths, lemon oil, really fine steel wool. Lemon oil is usually an ingredient of almost every polisher but it won't hurt you if you run a little test first on a small inconspicuous area and see how the wooden surface you are about to clean will react. If everything is okay proceed. Apply liberal amount of lemon oil over the rubber scuffed area. Take the steel wool next and gently rub the marks, the lemon oil will work as a lubricant, so you won't damage the wooden surface. Don't press too hard while you are scrubbing the rubber marks. When you are done take one of the clean cloths and wipe the wooden surface clean.

This is one method, as you can see for yourself, that uses only natural products, no chemicals or harmful products.


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