Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Remove Oil from Carpet

High-traffic areas of your carpet can be very problematic to maintain, as they are usually subjected to all kinds of staining. An oil stain, for instance, can be caused by many different sorts of sources. An oily mess on someone's shoes could easily be tracked into your home and onto your carpet from outside, or a particularly oily piece of pizza could be accidentally dropped on your carpet. No matter what type of oil it is, you can successfully remove it form your carpet with the right cleaning techniques and supplies.

Here are some easy steps, recommended by carpet cleaning Clapham, to follow:
  1. Get the following items: paper towels, cloths, rubbing alcohol, dry-cleaning solvent and water.
  2. Soak up any excess oil form the carpet using paper towels in order to prevent further spreading of the oil stain.
  3. Pour some rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth and dab the stained area of the carpet repeatedly. Work the stain from its outer edge towards the centre to keep the oil from spreading.
  4. Apply a small amount of dry-cleaning solvent to another clean cloth and sponge the stain firmly. This will lift the oil from the carpet and transfer it onto the cloth, according to carpet cleaning Clapham team. Apply more solvent, if needed, and continue blotting until the oil is completely removed from the carpet. Use unsoiled parts of the cloth while sponging.
  5. Rinse the carpet with cool water and use a dry cloth to soak up as much water as possible to help the carpet dry faster.


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