Monday, September 26, 2011

Clean Your House in 30 Minutes

Do you want to have a clean and shiny house in exactly 30 minutes? Then you have to read the following post in order to find out how to do it. It is easy and effortless, like a children's game, and all you need to know are several tips to lead you the right way.

Imagine, you expect company in half an hour and you have to quickly clean the house. So, instead of calling a domestic cleaner, you'd better start getting rid of the clutter. Pick up the rooms you will show your guests and go through them removing the items that don't belong there such as magazines and newspapers, shoes and toys. Time to finish the assignment – 4 minutes.

Wipe of the dust using all purpose cleaner. The places you should pay special attention to are the counter tops and the tables. Also clean the mirrors and the bathroom considering that your guests may need to visit it. This is refers to the rest-room as well. Time you need – 10 minutes. Spare five more minutes to remove the dust collected on the coffee table and the TV. Also mop the floor in the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom.

The rest 11 minutes you can use to empty the trash cans; place new towels and air fresheners, and arrange the glasses on the table. This is how you can make your home perfect for unexpected guests for less than an hour without calling a domestic cleaner.


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