Friday, September 30, 2011

How to Use Foam Cleaner to Spot Clean a Carpet

It is advisable to deep clean your carpet at least once an year, and regular spot cleaning will help you to preserve the carpet looking nice and clean between those major cleanings. A foam cleaner can be very helpful when you are trying to clean high traffic areas or just areas that have become dirty. Follow the instructions below, and you shouldn't have problems in getting your carpet back on shape.

  1. Determine which areas need spot cleaning and gather all the tools you need to clean them. Usually, high traffic areas, such as around a front door, a sofa or a coffee table, are the most frequently contaminated areas of a carpet and need your attention more often.
  2. Vacuum the entire carpet thoroughly to remove all loose soil which can turn into a mud when you start cleaning with your foam cleaner. Next, apply a good foam cleaner to the carpet as working in small sections (2 to 3 square foot) at a time for more efficient cleaning. Consult a carpet cleaning company about an appropriate foam cleaner that won't damage your carpet. Give the cleaner 10 minutes to loosen the stain, then rub it vigorously into the carpet fibers using a scrub brush. This should lift up any dirt remaining in the carpet.
  3. Dab at the area with a dry cloth to remove any remaining soil in the carpet. If the area doesn't look clean enough, re-apply the foam cleaner and scrub again with the scrub brush to clean the area completely.
  4. Once you have done with the spot cleaning, let the carpet dry completely, then vacuum it. If you are still not happy with the cleanliness of your carpet, consider hiring professional carpet cleaning company to come in and clean the carpet thoroughly.


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