Friday, September 16, 2011

Use These 6 Tips to Remove Crayon from Walls

You have children and they like drawing on different surfaces, all over your home? Well, kids can be very creative sometimes and this is good, but not in all cases, especially when there are huge crayon marks on the walls in your living room, right?!

Many of the cleaners in London have clients with children and they do not know how to deal with crayon marks on their walls. Actually, you can easily clean crayon, the only thing you need is the righ information on how to do the cleaning procedure. In this article, I will give you this information, just read the next lines. 

1. To remove crayon marks from walls use your hairspray. Spray generously onto the spots then scrub off.

2. Pour a little bit rubbing alcohol on a clean, soft cloth. Then, just rub the stains and they will disappear. 

3. Rub a small amount of your hand lotion directly into the mark, then wipe off. 

4. Make your own, home-made paste of some powered dish-washing detergent and water. Apply it to the marks and scrub gently. Make sure that the dish-washing liquid doesn't contain any bleach, because if it does, you can damage the surface of your walls. 

5. Scrub the crayon marks on your walls with a cloth, dampened with household ammonia.

6. Professional London cleaners advise to just use some non-stick cooking spray for the stains. Then, wipe off the marks. Do not use this tip, when cleaning wallpapers! These kinds of sprayers leave grease stains on paper!


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