Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to Make Carpet Cleaner in Home

We spend so much money on chemical cleaning solutions. Now it is time to stop, we can make our own carpet cleaning solutions. The needed ingredients are less expensive than the toxic one. This way you will use natural cleaning solvents instead chemicals. It is very easy, you need to follow the directions bellow and you will have a healthier home.

1. Fill a bucket with one litre water.

2. Add to the water one half cup of vinegar or you may even use ammonia, instead of adding vinegar.

3. Add to this mixture a quarter cup of backing soda.

4. Mix well the ingredients, try to form a paste, and now you can apply the solvent to the carpet. 

5. Soak the solution with a scrub brush. Then start from one corner of the room and rub to the other corner. You need to apply the solution to the whole carpet. You should use elbow grease on any stains you notice.

6. Let the solution for some time to dry very well.

7. Then you should vacuum the carpet or rug. After that they should be nice and clean with no residue left over from the natural toxic-free cleaning solution.

There are many combinations of toxic-free solutions that you can use for carpet cleaning. In case you have steam cleaner, you can fill it with combination of water and vinegar. You can always hire a carpet cleaning company to help you with the work or do the job instead of you. 


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