Saturday, December 15, 2012

How To Choose The Best Carpet?

Whether you want to fell the comforting softness under your feet or just want to change something in your house buying a carpet is the perfect option. Since it is quite the investment you have to be sure you have chosen the right one. Think about the traffic, stains, moisture and then decide. You should always ask a professional for advice and guidance on hoe to take proper care for your carpet. Of course you have to make compromises, because here is no way to find the perfect one cheap.

It Is Important To Know What You Want?

If I was to make an assumption, I would say you're looking for a good quality carpet, which will last for many years. Furthermore if should be soft on touch, stain and moisture resistant, easy to clean and cheap. Am I right? Well you can't have everything, so choose carefully. When I was buying carpets for the house I went straight to the first consultant I laid my eyes on. I told him I needed carpets for my home and he asked me if I knew what actually I want.

As a matter of fact I did and started to explain. For the living room I needed a relatively soft durable carpet, which can endure the traffic and occasional stains. For the bedroom I wanted something fancy and soft. Te kitchen carpet needed to be tough, in order to resist everything. I also wanted small rugs and doormats, to place on the entry of each room. Something for the stairs I had no preferences. I told him money weren't a problem, because I don't intend to change the carpets any time soon.

Stain Resistant – Weak Against Water

I'm very glad Mike was my consultant, because he sold me the best carpets and ten years later they're looking as good as new. Furthermore he gave me so much useful tips on hoe to clean easily and a number of wonderful carpet cleaning company. But we'll talk about this later. Here are some tips if you have a difficult time choosing the right rug. Go with nylon. It is the most suitable for high traffic areas and keeping it clean is quite simple. All you need is a good vacuum cleaner.

Water Resistant – Hard To Clean

It is highly stain resistant and if you deep clean it regularly you won't have any problems. The week spot of this type of carpet is moisture. Only dry cleaning for this one. If you spill any liquid, soak with clean towel and if necessary call a professional cleaner. In front of the bathroom and laundry I put polyester and olefin mats. It is very hard to clean them, therefore I use the professional help of carpet cleaning Rotherhithe, London.


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